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The Association works on a number of key issues related to the overall competitiveness of Canada’s port community. The Board and the various Committees of the Association are active on issues such as monitoring specific legislation and regulation, infrastructure, port security, environmental sustainability, real property as well as technology and innovation. In addition to specific Association activity, the ACPA participates in a number of organizations in pursuit of its overall objectives on behalf of its members. These organizations include:

• National Marine Advisory Board
• Canadian Marine Advisory Council
• Transport Canada/National Port Security Committee (NPSC)
• Critical Infrastructure Multi-Sector Network

For detailed information on the various work being undertaken on these issues by the Committees please refer to the ‘Members Only’ section of the website where updates are posted regularly. The ongoing work of the Board and Association Committees include the following issues:

Sustainable Development

• Pollution Prevention Regulations
• Ballast Water Management Regulations
• Environmental Response Regulations
• Marine Emissions Standards
• Marine Oil Pollution
• Migratory Birds Convention
• Canadian Environmental Assessment
• Transportation of Dangerous Goods
• Canada Shipping Act Regulatory Reform
• International Maritime Organization Initiatives
• Various Regional Issues

Port Operational Issues

• Marine Navigation Services
• Oily Waste Reception Facilities
• Marine Service Fees
• Ongoing Study of St. Lawrence/Great Lakes Modernization
• National Guidelines for Ports-of-Entry Public Health Emergency Preparedness
• Marine-Facility Transportation Security
• Marine-Facility Restricted Access Security Program
• Federal Marine-Facility Security Funding
• Marine Security Operations Strategy: Awareness, Inspection and Enforcement
• Development of Waterside Security Practices and Procedures
• Administrative Monetary Penalties Related to Security
• Places of Refuge
• Workplace Health and Public Safety Program
• Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Preparedness
• Cargo Regulations
• Safety of Navigation
• Infrastructure Needs Assessment and Planning
• Advanced Commercial Information Requirements
• Container Security Initiative

Legislative and Regulatory

• Canada Marine Act Review and Regulations
• Canada Marine Act Amendments
• Canadian Transportation Act and Regulations
• Marine-Facility Restricted Access Area Program Update
• Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
• Marine Transportation Security Act
• Marine Navigation Services Study
• Port Infrastructure Funding Requirements
• Canada’s Security and Prosperity Initiative
• Payment-in-Lieu of Taxes Act (PILT)
• United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)
• Draft Instrument on the Carriage of Goods
• Marine Liability Act and Regulations
• Shipping Conferences Exemption Act
• Navigable Waters Protection Act and Regulations
• Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations
• Safe Containers Act and Regulations
• Transport Canada’s Smart Regulation
• Straight Ahead: Canada’s Policy on the Future of Transportation

Finance and Administration

• Port Insurance Practices and Procedures
• Insurance and Pension Benefits
• Insurance and Risk Management
• Compliance with CMA Management Regulations
• Health Benefits
• Participating Members of Port Insurance Program
• Special Examinations
• Property Taxation for Ports
• Treatment of Subsidiaries under the CMA
• Ongoing Involvement in Association Financial Planning/Budgeting
• Gross Revenue Charges
• Human Resource Issues
• Best Practices Study for the Valuation of Port Property
• Port Lands Transactions


• Board Operating Procedures and Manuals
• Terms of Reference
• New Director Orientation
• Board/Management Interface
• Board Evaluation
• Due Diligence and Duty of Care
• Canada Marine Act Requirements Vis-à-vis Directors
• Understanding Financial Statements
• Liability Issues
• Enterprise Risk Management
• Changing Culture of Boards
• Board Composition
• Chair and CEO Review Process
• Corporate Governance Committees

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